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The Front Walk, spanning the length of the front of the house, flush with the lawn. The Front Walk along with the side view, showing the curved curbs. The sidewalk showing a curb towardsthe house and flush landscaping leading to the yard. Bird feeders decorate the patio section that is bookended with curved curbs to facilitate landscaping Reverse view from bird feeders, showing curb lines converge toward front path. Front walk, flush with house and landscaping, shown after a rainfall Front walk moving around front steps then curving toward driveway, framed with grass Front walk, shown in reverse as it leads from the driveway to the front steps of the house A beautiful unifying walkway that connects the front step to the driveway. A slightly panned-out view of the front walk, where you can see how the landscaping and stone blend together. A closer view of the front walkway, showing the level of the walk and how nicely-blended and even with the grass the finished product has been made. In a separate section, the fire pit is an inset circle cut into the center of a large square pad. Stairs of concrete leading to larger, sculpted steps with a rounded, contrasting edge pattern The curved steps add a dynamic shape to the walk while carrying the curve into the curb. The sidewalk curves around the front flower bed to meet the driveway. Front walk with continuous straight concrete curb and integrated drainage with additional shale landscaping stones. Circular Fire Pit with custom cemented field stones with large circular patio Parking pad flush against black landscaping rock Long, straight curbless sidewalk Steps leading up to back deck Landscaping retaining wall behind cedar